Enhancing Healthcare Digital Strategy with Data Analytics

Industry: Healthcare Services

Challenge: In the competitive healthcare industry, a clinic specializing in B2C and B2B online subscriptions and healthcare insurance packages sought to innovate its digital presence. Offering mobile and desktop app solutions, the clinic enabled customers to manage personal subscriptions, corporate employee health benefits, and family insurance plans with ease.

While the clinic successfully attracted consumers and businesses through various paid media platforms, it struggled to unify and interpret its expansive data landscape to find an edge and optimize their budgets. The clinic needed a comprehensive analytics solution to improve customer segmentation, predict churn, and refine its digital strategy.


To meet these challenges, we built an advanced data warehouse in Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery, serving as a centralized resource for the clinic’s digital analysts. This warehouse integrated data from diverse sources, including Google Analytics 4, InnersTrends for in-app tracking, and CRM systems for holistic analytics.

Diagram showing the data flow from multiple healthcare data sources to BigQuery and visualization tools.

Technical Implementation:
The data warehouse architecture included multiple processing layers to streamline the normalization and transformation of data:

  • Data Source Integration: Automated ingestion of data from Google Analytics, InnerTrends, and various paid media platforms.
  • Data Normalization: Unpacking and normalizing GA4’s nested data structures to inform detailed customer segmentation and behavior analysis.
  • Advanced Tagging and Tracking: Leveraging InnerTrends for precise in-app user tracking to complement the behavioral data from Google Analytics.
  • Customizable Reporting: Allowing analysts to run bespoke queries and build comprehensive Tableau dashboards directly from the warehouse data.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement:
The warehouse setup included proactive monitoring to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data flows, enabling the clinic to continuously refine its analytics and reporting systems.


Impact on Business Strategy:
With the new data warehouse in place, the clinic is able to to:

  • Use Comprehensive Analytics: Combine website and app interaction data with their CRM and paid media data for a 360-degree view of customer journeys.
  • Overcome Data Retention Limits: Retain vital historical data beyond GA4’s retention limits, essential for long-term trend analysis and strategic decisions.
  • Use Behavioral Modeling: Develop advanced behavioral models to predict customer conversions or churn.
  • Implement Dynamic Strategies: Implement real-time personalization and dynamic pricing models based on user interactions, captured and processed in the warehouse.
  • Optimize Funnels: Conduct intricate funnel analyses to identify and remedy precise user drop-off points:
A report on a healthcare onboarding funnel showing user activity and conversion rates.

Technologies and Tools

Google Analytics, Firebase, Paid media platforms, Huawei AppGallery Connect, AppsFlyer, OMA, Cbox, Actito, Mailchimp, Funnel.io, InnerTrends, GCP Dataform, BigQuery Data Warehouse, Google Cloud Platform, Compute Engine, Instance Scheduler, Docker, Github, Tableau Desktop, Looker Studio