Embark on a strategic journey with Witanalytica’s expert data analytics consulting and implementation services.

We specialize in transforming complex data into actionable business insights, ensuring your analytics align with short and long-term objectives for immediate but sustainable growth.

Flexible Data Analytics services

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Data Engineering and Big Data

Data Engineering services meant to help you break business silos. Our expertise in data management and data governance transforms complex data into high-quality, actionable insights. Specializing in data warehousing, we integrate isolated systems, ensuring robust data aggregation.

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Abstract visualization of data points and analytical patterns representing data science services.

Data Science

Leverage machine learning to automate decision-making across various business functions, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

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Business analysis strategic meeting, evaluating workflow improvements with a glass wall covered in sticky notes.

Business Analysis

Gain a bird’s-eye view of critical processes, identify optimization opportunities and redesign for peak efficiency and sustained business growth.

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+20 Years

of combined Business Intelligence experience

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Departments We Have Helped

Executive, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations

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Technology Agnostic

We build both on prem and cloud solutions and collaborate with all the major Cloud Providers such as Azure, AWS and GCP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data analytics services involve collecting, processing, and analyzing data to help businesses make informed decisions.

These services include:

  • data extraction and data engineering
  • data warehousing and big data analytics services
  • business intelligence and data visualization
  • advanced analytics like predictive modeling and machine learning

If you’re considering our data analytics services, know that we prioritize a partnership approach to pricing. We want to ensure that our services align with your goals and provide clear value. Here’s an outline of how our pricing models can work for you:

  1. Time and Material: Suited for projects where the scope may vary, this pay-as-you-go option offers the flexibility to adjust requirements as your project evolves. We’ll work with you to estimate the effort involved and ensure transparency and fairness in billing.

  2. Retainer Fee: If you have ongoing analytics needs, our retainer service ensures dedicated support for a set number of hours each month. It’s a great way to secure our team’s availability without the commitment of a full-time hire.

  3. Dedicated Resource: For businesses that anticipate a consistent, high-volume workload, we offer the option of dedicated resources. This model provides you with a team or individual fully focused on your data analytics needs for a sustained period, offering stability and deep integration with your operations.

We understand that each business’s needs are unique, and we’re committed to providing a pricing structure that reflects that.

For a detailed quote that’s tailored to your business’s specific data analytics requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready to discuss your objectives and how we can align our services for the best outcome.

Contracting data analytics services becomes essential when your business needs to move beyond the basic reports provided by standard tools and delve into more intricate data analysis for strategic decision-making. This transition is typically marked by several indicators:

  1. Need for In-Depth Insights: If you find yourself needing more detailed customer insights that go beyond what your CRM or ERP can provide, it’s time to consider advanced data analytics. This includes understanding customer behaviors, preferences, and segmenting customers for targeted marketing strategies.

  2. Operational Efficiency: As your business scales, the need for operational efficiency and cost reduction becomes more crucial. Advanced data analytics can help create customized reports that combine various data points to optimize inventory, identify cost savings, and improve overall operational workflows.

  3. Cross-Functional Analysis: When decision-making requires insights from across different departments, advanced data analytics tools can provide a unified view, uncovering critical business insights that can guide strategic initiatives and investments.

  4. Predictive Analytics: If your business aims to be proactive rather than reactive, advanced data analytics can forecast trends, demand, and potential market opportunities, helping you strategize for future growth.

If your current tools are not meeting these needs, it may be time to explore adopting BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, or Domo, which offer the sophistication required for these advanced analyses. The journey to implementing advanced data analytics should start with identifying your specific data needs, choosing the right BI tools, integrating your data sources, and building a data-driven culture within your organization.

If you are unsure of data analytics services are right for your business, do not hesitate to contact us for a free, detailed consultation.


Engaging with our data analytics services is a simple and straight forward process, ensuring we align with your business needs every step of the way.

Here’s how it works:

Before Contract Engagement

  1. Initial Consultation: It all starts with booking a meeting where we discuss your business objectives and how our data analytics services can align with your goals. We conduct a detailed discussion to understand your business strategy and objectives. This helps us explain and show how data can be transformed into actionable insights for your organization.

  2. Tailored Proposal: Based on our discovery meeting, we draft a custom proposal outlining the approach, services offered, and the estimated impact on your business.

  3. Contract Finalization: After reviewing the proposal with you and incorporating any feedback, we finalize the terms and sign the contract, setting the stage for our collaboration.

After Contract Engagement

  1. Onboarding & Data Integration: Our team sets up the necessary infrastructure for data ingestion, processing, and reporting, ensuring a smooth start to our partnership.

  2. Custom Solution Implementation: We implement the bespoke data solution that includes setting up infrastructure, integrations, and any agreed-upon dashboards.

  3. Training & Capacity Building: To ensure you get the most out of our services, we provide comprehensive training for your staff on the new systems and tools.

  4. Ongoing Support & Optimization: We offer continuous support, including performance monitoring and optimization, to ensure the solutions evolve with your business.

For more detailed information and to get started with transforming your data into strategic assets, contact us for a personalized consultation.

Deciding between hiring an in-house analytics team and outsourcing to an agency depends on several factors that align with your company’s strategic direction, budget, and long-term objectives. Here are some considerations based on the information provided:

Advantages of Outsourcing to an Agency:

  1. Diverse Expertise: Agencies typically offer a broader range of skills and expertise, which can be beneficial if your analytics needs are varied or if you require specialized knowledge.

  2. Cross-Industry Experience: Partnering with an agency gives you access to best practices and insights gained from a wide array of industries, which can enrich your analytics approach.

  3. Flexible Engagement Models: Agencies offer different collaboration models, from pay-as-you-go to dedicated resources, giving you flexibility in how you manage and budget for analytics services.

  4. Scalability: With an agency, you can quickly scale your analytics capabilities up or down based on your current needs without the constraints of headcount and recruitment.

  5. High Availability: Agencies prioritize client support and often plan their resources to ensure uninterrupted availability, which can be crucial for ongoing and time-sensitive analytics needs.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing:

  1. Initial Onboarding: Consultants may require time to become familiar with your company and industry. However, this is often mitigated by the agency’s experience and ability to learn quickly.

  2. Internal Resistance: Employees might be hesitant to work with external consultants. It’s essential to have management buy-in and foster a collaborative environment to ensure successful integration of external expertise.

  3. Cost Considerations: While agencies might have a higher hourly cost compared to in-house salaries, they can provide value through flexibility, lack of long-term commitments, and by offering a variety of pricing models to suit different needs.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a broad range of analytics skills, need flexible and scalable support, and want to benefit from cross-industrial experience without the commitment of hiring full-time staff, outsourcing to an agency might be the right choice for you. However, if you prefer to have analytics expertise embedded within your team and are prepared to invest in hiring and training, building an in-house team could be beneficial. It’s recommended to weigh both options carefully and consider reaching out to agencies for quotes to better understand the potential costs and benefits.

Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) is a modern solution where we provide comprehensive data analytics capabilities over the cloud, eliminating the need for in-house infrastructure and specialized personnel.

This service is designed to help businesses like yours leverage powerful analytical tools and expertise to gain actionable insights from your data, driving informed decision-making and strategic planning.

By adopting DAaaS, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced data analytics without the overhead costs, staying agile and competitive in your market.

For a personalized strategy and quote, we invite you to contact us to explore how DAaaS can specifically cater to your business needs.

A data analytics services company is a business that offers expertise in analyzing and interpreting data to gain insights for business decision-making.

They offer consulting and implementation services and advise on technology and tools acquisition to help businesses understand and utilize their data effectively.

Self-service data analytics refers to a type of platform or tool that enables business users to perform data analysis on their own, without the need for specialized IT skills. These tools are designed to be user-friendly, with drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built analytical models.